Bella per sempre

-Always Beautiful



Wake up looking beautiful. Enhance your natural beauty with lips, eyeliner and brows. All colors are custom blended for the individual's skin tone and desired results.


Remove unwanted tattoos with a sea salt based saline solution. A much less invasive option, while keeping your natural skin pigmentation intact unlike typical laser removal.


Breast cancer survivors who have undergone breast reconstruction choose areola pigmentation to help create more natural looking breasts. Also great for camouflaging breast augmentation scars.


about me.

I've been in the beauty business for over 39 years, 30 of which I've studied and worked with permanent makeup and the different techniques such as Microblading. This technique gives the illusion of individual hair strokes and looks very natural.  I specialize in natural looking makeup and am a perfectionist in my detail and custom color matching. I love to help women "Wake Up Looking Beautiful". I've also been certified in tattoo removal. This is an all natural sterile saline solution made from the finest sea salt in the world. This process will produce a hypertonic reaction, causing cells to release the pigment to the epidermis level of the skin and begin a natural healing process that removes the pigment when the scab falls off. It's a very successful process.





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